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Admission Nursery School
The School follows a broad and balanced curriculum that caters to the specific needs of early childhood. The curriculum includes subjects such as English, Malayalam, Number Work, General Knowledge, Rhymes, Story Narration, Health Education and Games;
Free Drawing, Colouring and other creative activities like Cutting, Pasting and Printing. The emphasis is on imparting education by play way method through child centered activities and development oriented programmes. Our teaching is supported by extensive audio-visual aids, smart class and also by indoor and outdoor play equipments.
Admission is open to boys and girls irrespective of religion, community or caste. Age is the only criterion by which admission is granted. However, preference is given to children residing within a distance of 5 kms from the School. Children seeking admission to KG classes must be within the following age groups:-

LKG : 4 years on 1st June 2016
LKG : 4 years on 1st June 2016
The application form duly filled in must be submitted to the office along with the Xerox copy of birth certificate of the child issued by the Panchayat/Municipality/ Corporation authorities.
The date of admission will be intimated to the selected candidates.
School Timings
The nursery school works from Monday to Friday. The timings will be from 8.25 am to 12.20 pm. Holidays are notified in the Pupil's Diary. The nursery school places great importance on punctuality and regularity. Parents have to ensure that the children are in the campus by 8.20 am positively.
School Uniform
Wearing of uniform is compulsory for the students on all working days. The cloth for the uniform will be available in the school campus at the time of admission. The pattern of the uniform is as follows:

LKG : 4 years on 1st June 2016

Shorts & half sleeved shirt
Black sandals with straps at the heels
Brown belt

LKG : 4 years on 1st June 2016

Pinafore & half sleeved shirt
Black sandals with straps at the heels
Pupil's Diary
Every student will be supplied with a Pupil's Diary. Parents are to ensure that the Pupil's Diary is brought to the class by their wards every day. Pages are provided for communication between the Head Mistress/teacher and the parent. Space is also provided to write leave note and mark late attendance. The diary also contains pages that record class time table, exam time tables, co-curricular activities etc. Parents must check the diary daily and write their comments.
As the child's first educators, we want to build a healthy partnership between the school and the child's home, based on mutual understanding and respect. Parents are requested to keep close contact with the school and attend Parents' meetings and other similar events. Parents are welcome to visit the school as frequently as possible to discuss the progress of their wards. On such occasions they are to meet the Head Mistress first. The visit may be made between 1 pm and 3.30 pm on working days.
Payment of Fees
Three installments of fees to be paid as per Appendix-1. In case the last date for payment is a holiday, the next working day will be considered as the last day for payment.
An official receipt should be obtained at the time of each payment of fees.
A fine of Rs. 5/- will be levied per day for late payment. Failure to pay the fees within 20 days from the due date will result in removal of the student's name from the rolls. Re-admission may be considered on payment of full arrears with fine along with re-admission fee of Rs.250/-
Students who leave the school in the middle of a term have to pay the tuition fee for the whole academic year.
Any amount remaining unpaid will be recovered from the caution deposit. Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.
Caution deposit cannot be claimed after one month from the date, the student leaves the school.
Mode of Payment: By Cash or DD in favour of  Dayapuram Nursery School. Cheques will not be accepted.
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