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Dayapuram is the product of the care, selfless, hard work, generosity and prayers of a number of people who served in the capacity of trust and managing committee members, teaching and non-teaching faculty. Remembering those who have passed away from this collective is an emotional way of connecting the mission.

Dayapuram Educational and Cultural Centre is a non- profit organization run by volunteers from different fields with a mission of “social equality through education; inclusive justice through culture”. Dayapuram attempts to plant and cultivate a healthy, empathetic and hearty atmosphere.


“Dayapuram should grow to become an asylum to all those who suffer without food, education or medicine irrespective of their religion and region”

Sheikh Abdulla Ibrahim Al Ansari


Social Equality through education Inclusivism through culture

Core Values

  • Insistence on Social Equality and Inclusivism
  • Cultural Justice
  • Communal Harmony
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Pursuit of Excellence


Dayapuram worked as a centre for channelizing the financial gains of the Gulf migration for the Muslim community in Kerala into social advancement through education. This was a social role that the community performed.

Dayapuram renews itself with time to bring the best and the newest practices in education for the benefit of the students and the locality. Participatory schooling in which students are involved even in administration and integrated schooling where students get arts, sports and programming classes from the very school are ideas the school is currently working with. Dayapuram College is trying to network with faculties from premier institutions such as IIT’S, NIT’S, IIM’S and premier colleges to create the culture of a solid liberal higher education centre.


Dayapuram is a centre for socially oriented, quality education focusing on the empowerment of orphans, women, poor and backward sections of the society beyond the barriers of religion, and for cultural initiatives that promote justice and peace in a research based manner.

Dayapuram is a platform for communal harmony. It has been working to be a common space for growth for all communities. The centre also took awareness programmes against communalism, terrorism and fanaticism. Disruption of the social fabric based on selfish demands is dangerous for every single member of the society is a conviction it has maintained since inception.


The values and directives for taking ethical positions are enshrined in religions but they need to be rethought in the changing techno-economic conditions through nuanced research.

Dayapuram has also been such a centre of research in Islam, asking questions such as whether Zakath could be given to non-Muslims, organ donations outside the religion are Islamic, why fanaticism is un-Islamic and anti-Islamic, how can Islam’s history of negotiations with local cultures be understood –and it has also been a land of practicing many such findings.

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