Inaugural words

“Dayapuram should grow to become an asylum to all those who suffer without food, education or medicine irrespective of their religion and region”
Sheikh Abdulla Ibrahim Al Ansari

Sheikh Abdulla Ibrahim Al Ansari (1921-1989) was born to a family whose roots can be traced back to the Ansari’s of Madina who had offered refuge to Prophet Muhammed. His disarming simplicity and hospitality are only indicative of the intrinsic values of the Arabian culture of the middle ages and teachings of Islam that stress on quality and justice. It was only through dedication and hard work that Sheikh Ansari raised to become a well known cultural activist, philanthropist and the head of Qatar’s Department of Religion and Heritage.

He was a scholar par excellence and his knowledge of Arabian history and religious matters was unparalleled. His travels abroad also added to the treasure house of his knowledge and experience. Kerala in particular was very close to him and he always referred to it as “Khyr Allah”.In 1974,when he came to Kerala for his treatment at Kottakkal Ayurvedic Hospital ,a Malayali C.T. Abdurahim, then a Qatar police personnel, was designated to accompany him. This acquaintance lead to a relationship of mutual respect and admiration and culminated in the establishment of orphanage and educational centre C .T. Abdurahim planned to start, with his friends in 1982 after coming back to Kerala.

The Ansari family has been keen on keeping alive the humanitarian concerns of their father and has always extended their benevolence towards Dayapuram. His eldest son, beloved Mr. Mohamed Ansari is a scholar of repute. His other sons Mr. Abdul Azeez Ansari, who holds a high position in the Qatar Police force, Mr. Ibrahim Ansari, Mr.Abdurahman Ansari, daughter Ayesha Ansari and granddaughter Muneera are all highly educated and have made their marks in different fields .They are all intimately bonded to Dayapuram and have visited the campus. The other members of the family too have made their presence felt by their loving gestures. Their association with Dayapuram has been a long one and is in fact their tribute to their father, the inspiration behind the land of kindness.

Dayapuram stands for all those principles that this great man stood for. The fragrance of his unforgettable magnanimity still emanates from all corners of Dayapuram. To borrow Patron C.T.Abdurahim’s words “Very few flowers have the fortune to become gardens in themselves. Sheikh Abdulla Ibrahim Al Ansari was one such rare being”. The man behind this great institution was an institution in himself.

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