Journey is more important than Destination. In order to achieve the goal which forms the very foundation of Dayapuram, the fraternity undertook the most productive ways. The cardinal decision was the compete reformation of the then orphanage system. The discrimination between orphans and parented ones were completely eradicated and equality was maintained with effective education in English.

The basic needs shouldn’t be discriminated based on caste and creed. Ansari Orphanage formulated in 1984 was a novel idea in the field of adoption and this was even more strengthened by the formulation of Education Adoption Scheme in 2007. Simultaneously quality education was provided to all factions of the society by the formulation of Dayapuram Residential School and Dayapuram Nursery School in the same year.


“Dayapuram should grow to become an asylum to all those who suffer without food, education or medicine irrespective of their religion and region”

Sheikh Abdulla Ibrahim Al Ansari


Social Equality through education Inclusivism through culture

Core Values

  • Insistence on Social Equality and Inclusivism
  • Cultural Justice
  • Communal Harmony
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Pursuit of Excellence

Providing quality collegiate education for women was achieved by Dayapuram Arts and Science College for Women in 2002. It stands as a great power in channelizing women empowerment through quality education for those who were denied access to higher education due to social and domestic obligations. Dayapuram was also keen in adopting methods catalyzing cultural and creative endeavors and Dayapuram Cultural Forum was established in 2002 along with a Publication Division which published the mirror of Dayapuram Campus-EKALOKAM.
DaSHA- Dayapuram Stage for Humanitarian Activism was an initiative aimed at communal harmony and secular democracy by raising voice against all the malicious powers that attack the unity and integrity of the entire nation.

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