Dayapuram @ UAE Digital Fest

Dayapuram Residential School, the first school in India to have introduced the Cybersquare Curriculum, which teaches students programming- changing their relationship with digital technology from being "users" to "creators"- has a happy update: three of our students, Nuha Anwar, Nived P K and Asra Nabeel, have been selected to the UAE International Digital Fest and Student Tech Expo to be held in the Habitat School, Ajman on the 25th of January 2023. They have reached UAE along with the Principal Ms. Jyothi P. today. The decision to start programming years before it even featured in the governmental schemes, part of Dayapuram School's unwavering and enthusiastic commitment to innovation, has been so happily complemented by student talent and faculty mentoring. Congratulations to the students and their mentors and thanks to all the encouragement from students, parents and workers! May our team shine tomorrow before an international audience! #dayapuramschool #digitalfes #DigitalFestival


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